EXPRESSO Fitness S3U Novo

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Expresso Fitness S3u Novo Interactive Upright Bike Image

The Expresso S3u Novo Upright Bike brings interactive and engaging cardio workouts inside with the adventure of outdoor riding. Personalized training features help members achieve greater fitness. Dynamic content keep workouts fresh. Captivated by stunning graphics, realistic rides and in-ride games on over 30 virtual courses, members will quickly forget they are exercising. Realistic Cycling SHIFT gears and STEER handlebars just like a real bike. Pedal resistance changes with the terrain. Monitor your workout members riding together in-facility, in which they can see each other on-screen. Real-time fitness information helps members monitor their workout.
  • Features a High-Performance Processor, Premium Video Card, Spacious Disk Drive and Lots of Memory. Integrated TV Tuner and Many Music Channels Provide Entertainment Options.
  • TV Compatible with Coax Cable
  • Easy-To-Navigate Keypad Supports Expresso’s Specialized Workout Programs as Well as Manual Mode
  • Standard Headphone Jack is Conveniently Located on the Console Near the Channel and Volume Control Buttons
  • Engages the Upper Body, Creating a Realistic Riding Experience
  • Shifter Buttons (on S3U and S3Y) and Levers (on S3R) Feature 30 Gears Allowing Users to Adjust the Intensity of Workouts Conveniently Located on Handlebars, and Offer Continuously Reliable Heart Rate Readings
  • Features a Dual-Belt Resistance System that Provides Fluid Motion, Quiet Operation
  • Supports up to 600W of Riding Power on the Expresso Routes and up to 800W of Riding Power in the Manual Mode
  • Force Rating of the Clutch, 90Nm, is 50% Higher Than the Industry Norm, Accommodating Smoother Rides with Less Slippage for Even Extremely Strong Riders
  • Power: 100-220V AC 50/60 Hz
  • Adjustable Seat: 20 Height Positions
  • 7 Horizontal Positions
  • Interchangeable with any Standard Bike Seat
  • Steering: Turn Handlebars to Steer While Riding
  • Resistance: 30 Gears
  • Automatically Adjusts to the Grade on the Screen
  • Screen: 19" Display
  • Weight 155 lbs
  • Dimensions: 52" L x 24" W x 60" H
  • Connectivity: Wireless: WiFi 802.11n+ / Wired: Gigabit LAN+
  • WIFI Compatible
  • eLive Subscription (Not Included) - In Order to Benefit from Internet Connection an eLive Subscription Can be Purchased Through Expresso Here - Expresso eLive