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BODYGUARD T30 Heavy Duty Treadmill

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The T-30 Treadmill Console has 7 Preset Programs

JustGo                 Manual
Interval                 Random
Hill Climb                 Heart Rate Control



The JustGo Program allows users to quickly start a workout by pressing only one key from the HOME SCREEN making it ideal for users who simply want to get on and go and make their own speed and incline changes as the workout progresses. The JustGo Program does not allow the user to input any parameters or workout goals so the program will just keep going until the user presses the STOP key or until the maximum time of 6 hours is up.



The Manual Program allows the user to select a predetermined amount of time (5 minutes to 99 minutes) or distance (1 km/mile to 99 km/miles) they wish to workout for. The JustGo and Manual programs are very similar in that the user controls both the speed and incline at all times. The difference is that in the Manual Program, users must select their exercise duration and the display will show the workout time or distance remaining throughout the exercise.



Interval Training has many benefits such as increasing the metabolism, which results in more calories being burned all day long, as well as increasing average exercise speed, making it a great way to increase average pace and improve race times. The Interval Program allows users to alternate their workout intensity between high-intensity “work” periods and preset low-intensity “rest” periods. The Interval Program has predetermined speed and incline percentages depending on the selected level of intensity. Users can change the level of intensity of the profile at any time by modifying the speed or incline and those changes will stay in effect for the remainder of the workout.